Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

29 Ways to Be Generous With Your Time

29 Ways to be Generous

Time Management Tips

Your Time Management Coach is here to share easy to use time management tips and to answer all of your questions. Most people want to know how to get more done in a day. It’s important to remember that more isn’t always better and that balance in your schedule is even more important.

  • Time management tips can help you to:
  • Improve your productivity.
  • Improve your efficiency.
  • Decrease overwhelm.
  • Balance your work load.

During this month of November and the Thanksgiving season we have an opportunity to practice gratitude. I’m going to share my 29 time management tips. These are little ways to use and save time. These time management tips will take as little as 2 seconds but no more than 120 minutes. Just imagine how much you can accomplish in only 2 seconds.

Time Management Tip #1: Forgive someone.

You may be wondering what forgiveness has to do with time management. Anything that takes time means that you need to consciously create time to do it. That includes forgiving someone. Doing so verbally will literally take no more than just 2 seconds. If you would rather do so in writing it might take a minimum of only 3-5 minutes. When you consider how little time you devote to just this 1 task, as compared to the outcome and benefits, it is incalculable.

Why we don’t manage to take the time

In general, some people procrastinate and don’t take the time to do something because they think it will take longer than it really will to just do it. When you think about the time you waste putting off the task or rewriting something on your to-do list it doesn’t add up. Another obstacle in managing time is the reliance on a to-do list. If it takes time, then make time. Make an appointment with yourself to get something done. Schedule a specific amount of time on a specific date to do it. This approach will become a system that you can rely upon to manage your time, I promise.