Time Saver Tips

Time Saver Tips

29 Ways to be Generous

Time Management Tips

Time saver tips are ways to help you to save time and reallocate how you choose to use it. What if you could use at least some of your time every day for being generous to yourself and others? Time savers can be mood boosters and productivity enhancers. This month I am blogging about time management and “29 Ways to Be Generous” with your time. If you want time savers that have the benefit of personal satisfaction start to think about which activities you can eliminate or shorten in your daily or weekly routine. This is a time saver strategy that will help you to create a space for something else.

Time Saver Tips

woman buying flowers

Time Saver Tips, Buy yourself flowers

Today’s time saver tip is to buy fresh flowers for yourself.  This is a great way to be generous towards your self. Look at how little time this takes…

  • 1-2 minutes to select the flowers that appeal to you. This time saver takes less time than you spend on Facebook.
  • 2-5 minutes to purchase them. That is less time than it takes to put gas in your car.
  • 3-5 minutes to trim and put into a vase. That’s less time than you spend emailing a message to someone.
  • 30-60 seconds to enjoy looking at them. That’s about the time it takes to text someone.
  • 30 seconds to enjoy smelling their fragrance. That is less time than you spend on Instagram.

Do you have 13 and a half minutes to lift your spirit and to brighten a spot in your home or office this week? Here are some of the benefits of the other time saver tips that I’ve written about so far this month: Practice forgiveness, praise others, offer someone your place in line, and send a note or call a friend for no particular reason. These time saver tips are ways to be generous with your time and the benefits are immeasurable.