Time Savers

Time Savers

Time savers, everyone is seeking ways to save time. But why do we lust for ways to save more time? Everyone will have their own reasons, here are the most common ones:

  • Get more done
  • Feel productive
  • Get places faster
  • Get a raise or promotion
  • Feel appreciated

Time savers are beneficial when they are have a purpose and are kept in check. However, when you feel like you are on the hamster wheel and can’t catch up, or when you find yourself feeling like all that you are doing is putting out fires it is time for time management tips and a reality check. Time savers should allow you to feel balanced AND productive. Effective time management enables you to make choices with how you use your time that reflect your goals and priorities. As a Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer I want to help you to be in a proactive rather than reactive state throughout your day.

greeting card

Send a”thinking of “you card (freedigitalphotos.net, gubgiblove)

Time Management Tip #8: Take 3-5 minutes to send someone a “thinking of you” card. Small gestures yield big results in little to no time. There are simple time management tips that you can use to find ways to be more generous with your time. For instance, simple schedule 5 minutes once a week to do something generous with your time. You can also set a timer and see exactly how long it takes you to make a call, write a note, send a card, etc. Being able to accurately estimate time will improve your planning skills and lessen procrastination.

Here’s a great article that I found for other Ways to save time

Time management, the benefits

Don’t just seek time savers without paying attention to the benefits:

  • Learn new skills
  • Create new and positive habits
  • Boost your self esteem
  • Build your compassion muscle
  • Create more positivity in your life and relationships

Each time I write a blog with organizing and time management tips I am wearing my Time Management Coach and Professional Organizer hat, hoping to encourage and facilitate your success. Thinking of you…