Tips For Storing Items

Tips For Storing Items

under-shelf-rack-smProviding you with organizing tips for storing items is one of the many things that a Professional Organizer like myself can help you with. Here are my “5 Sensible Tips For Storing Items”:

Organizing Tip #1: Store items where they are used.

Organizing Tip #2: Store items in containers that help you to easily identify what is in them.

Organizing Tip #3: Store items in containers that will protect the types of items that are inside.

Organizing Tip #4: Store smaller items in smaller containers.

Organizing Tip #5: Store papers, magazines, catalogs and newspapers in shallow containers or baskets.

Let’s look at why these tips are important. Organizing Tip #1 highlights storing items near to where they will be used makes for greater efficiency. It’s not only a time saver because the items are within your reach, it also makes putting them back where they belong easier and thereby preventing clutter. Remember to store heavier items at heights that limit how much reaching and lifting you will have to do to retrieve them. This ensures greater safety and injury prevention.

Organizing Tip #2 emphasizes how helpful it is when you identify what is stored inside of bins and storage containers. Clear storage containers make the need to label unnecessary. Some people like color coding; storing holiday items in colored containers associated with specific holidays can be helpful.

Organizing Tip #3 addresses the importance of protecting your items. Storage containers with cushioned liners are great for organizing and storing fragile items. Storage containers that are treated to protect light and humidity sensitive items are best for photos and memorabilia. Other items such as clothing may need to be in bins that allow air to circulate. Do the research and ask a Professional Organizer.

Organizing Tip #4 and 5 are sensible tips because they are the best strategies for preventing clutter caused by deep piles and losing smaller items. You’ve heard that line from the movie, “Build it and they will come”. It’s the same with deep bins, they become a magnet for stuff! Keep it shallow and be sure to purge as soon as it reaches about 3/4 capacity. Just because there is space you don’t need to fill it.

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