Too Much Stuff

Do you have too much stuff?

folding step stool

Is Your Stuff Out of Reach?

Too much stuff is a problem for many of us. Professional Organizers think about too much stuff all the time. Our clients wonder, how much is too much? We wonder, what does the client’s stuff mean to them? What stuff can he or she let go of and how do we help them to make those decisions? How do we organize the stuff that is kept, and where? Remember George Carlin’s routine about too much stuff? For most of us it’s a funny topic, but for others, it’s stressful.

Here are some organizing tips to help you decide if you or someone that you know has too much stuff:

  • Clutter – Too much stuff that becomes clutter can be embarrassing and prevent you from having others come to your home or office. Downsize the amount of bulk items. Curb your shopping. Use what you already have or donate it. Maintain a reasonable amount; if you make a new purchase (one in), let go of something similar (one out).
  • Time Waster – When too much stuff makes it difficult to find the things that you need, when you need them. Create a dedicated space for everything, a “home”. Return items to their home after each use. Label files and storage containers using easy to remember names and categories. Keep it simple and put everything back in it’s place when you are done with it.
  • Hazardous – When clutter accumulates allergens, dust, insects, or mold. When piles of stuff threaten your safety, cause tripping or falls, or can topple out of storage spaces. Leave storage spaces partially empty. This includes all closets, shelves, drawers, and containers. Use smaller and more shallow containers to prevent deep piles of paper and other items. Utilize vertical space with hooks, racks, cork boards, and magnetic boards. Keep a small, sturdy step stool in every closet and the garage; wherever you must reach for things.

Take it from the organizing experts as well as your San Diego Professional Organizer and start to practice using these organizing tips. It does take practice and if you want to try it, schedule a virtual session with me.