Travel Organizing Tips

Travel organizing tips

travel bag

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Travel organizing tips from your Personal Professional Organizer. I just returned from a great trip to 3 cities I’ve never been to and as always, I’m reflecting on how it could have more even more organized. Yes, even a Personal Professional Organizer can be more organized! My hope is that by sharing my easy to use travel organizing tips it will help you to improve your:

  • organizing skills and your
  • time management skills

Using these skills will help to make your trip smoother and more enjoyable whether you are traveling alone, with others, for pleasure, or for work.

Travel organizing tips can also ease the stress of:

  • Changed flights – Always leave early and give yourself time.
  • Long lines – Remember to always bring something to read and if traveling with young children, bring activities for them (avoid games with lots of little pieces).
  • Lost luggage – Pack the essentials in your carry on bag. (More about this later.)
  • Hunger, thirst – Fast food is always tempting and expensive. Always pack healthy snacks and beverages for a road trip. If you are flying, purchase water as soon as you get through security.
  • Illness, pain – Remember to pack all of the medications that you may need for your trip in your carry on bag. You can pack extras in a checked bag.
travel checklist

Travel Checklist
(, Stuart Miles)

TIP #1: Using a travel checklist each time will help to keep you organized. (You can download my free checklist on my website.) You can modify the travel checklist depending upon your destination and reason for travel. I encourage you to bring the travel checklist with you and note what you did or didn’t need.

TIP #2: Always pack difficult to replace items such as medications and jewelry in your carry-on bag.

TIP #3: Update your emergency contact information before you travel. Does your emergency contact person know your travel dates, destination including lodging, and your doctor’s name and number?


Do you have any travel organizing tips that you want to share? Please post them on the Outside In Organizer Facebook page, I would love to read them.