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7 Unbelievable Storage Solutions | Organizing Tips

Storage solutions are available for every space. As your Personal and Professional Organizer my goal is to help you find ways to clear clutter and create better flow throughout your home and office. Here are my 7 Unbelievable Storage Solutions and Decluttering/Organizing Tips:

  1. The oven
  2. Hampers
  3. Under the bed
  4. The car
  5. Attic
  6. Bookshelves
  7. Suitcases
IRIS File Bin

Storage Solution

OVEN – An audience member once shared that she put all of the papers on her kitchen table and counters into her oven when guests stopped by. Please don’t preheat the oven without checking what is inside, first!

Decluttering/Organizing Tip: As a safer alternative I recommend using a mobile file system for your papers at the end of every day. Try a rolling cart for hanging files or a file bin (see my Products page).


HAMPERS – Hampers are decorative and functional. They make great storage containers in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Decluttering/Organizing Tip: Keep a hamper in every bedroom and bathroom including the guest rooms. These are terrific for storing infrequently used items or items bought in bulk when guests are not staying overnight.


bed riser from Container Store

Storage Solution (Container Store)

UNDER BED – Are there spaces in your home that could be better utilized?

Decluttering/Organizing Tip: Use a mildew resistant lidded container to store items such as extra bed and table linens, off-season clothing, and gift wrap under the bed. If you need more space, try using the risers that you can place under the bed to lift it higher.




coupon sorter

Storage Solution

CAR – You know those items that you leave at home that you wish you had with you when you were out?

Decluttering/Organizing Tip: Reusable shopping bags belong in the passenger seat or on the back seat where they are visible. You probably don’t need more than 6. Use the largest 1 to contain the others.

Purchase a divided envelope to keep your coupons and reward cards sorted. (Keep your gift cards in your wallet.)


ATTIC – If you have an attic or crawlspace you can certainly use this space for the items that you don’t need to access and use frequently. Decluttering/Organizing Tip: Avoid putting heavy items in high places to prevent injury. Be sure to store items in easy to clean containers with lids that are resistant to moisture and insects.


BOOKSHELVES – Hidden spaces such as behind the books on your bookshelves, make great places to keep items.

Decluttering/Organizing Tip: Unless your books are double-stacked on the shelves, move the books forward and use the space behind them to store items. This might include photo albums, last year’s taxes, or old medical records.

red suitcase

Storage Solutions (, Phaitoon)

SUITCASES – Do you have a number of extra suitcases in the garage or guest room?

Decluttering/Organizing Tip: You can always stack smaller suitcases inside of larger ones but as an alternative, you can store items such as gifts, extra blankets and pillows, or formal accessories such as clutch bags and shoes that you wear infrequently.

For more organizing tips or your DIY Organizing Action Plan, call your San Diego Personal and Professional Organizer.