Uni-Tasking | Time Management

 How Uni-tasking Can Improve Your Relationships, Pt. 1


Uni-Tasking, Time Management

Uni-tasking refers to doing only 1 thing at a time. Uni-tasking is different than rapidly switching from one task to another and to multi-tasking. Uni-tasking enables you to savor each moment while you engaged in an activity and/or with another person. Uni-tasking creates the potential to make others feel attended to. It can heighten your senses and your appreciation for the activity and the result. Can we agree that time is fluid? Time sometimes passes so quickly and other times, it drags. Some important facts about time:

  • You can never get it back.
  • You cannot store it for the future.
  • Time is like a container. Only so much fits into a measure of time. (Just like only so much stuff fits into a container.)

We know this about time and time management and yet our busy lives often distract us from those facts. Are we really getting important things done and being productive or simply just bouncing from 1 thing to another? If we can’t get time back, why not savor it?

How does time management impact your relationships?

  • People can’t depend upon me to be on time. I keep people waiting because I’m always trying to get 1 more thing done.
  • I always feel rushed. I’m doing so many different things that it leaves me little time to transition from 1 activity to another.
  • Lost credibility. I miss deadlines for important things.
  • Financial loss. I don’t pay my bills on time.
  • Others don’t feel heard. I have to ask people to repeat themselves when I’m not fully listening.

3 Sexy Time Management Tips from your San Diego Time Management Coach

When I ask someone, “What is your time management goal?” the answer is usually something like, “To get more done.” That’s reasonable, but does that really mean? Do you want to get more done for the purpose of having more time for something that you never get to do like relax, read, etc.? Or is your goal to fill each and every minute doing things and being busy? Once you decide what your goal really is, try these 3 time management tips:

  1. Turn off to turn on. Spend time with someone and turn off your technology. Imagine the 2 of you fully engaged in conversation (or whatever). Practice truly listening and making eye contact.
  2. Arouse the senses. Practice uni-tasking and using all of your senses. It’s impossible to do this when multi-tasking. If you are reading, simply read…no television in the background. Let the phone ring. Visualize, feel the pages of the book, imagine the characters.
  3. Don’t make them wait. Estimate how much time you need to finish something, then leave it. That includes how long it will take you to get somewhere without feeling rushed.

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