open boxes
Unpacking “stuff”

Unpacking | Professional Organizer’s perspective

Unpacking anything can be an overwhelming task. As a Professional Organizer in North County Coastal San Diego I have opportunities to help clients unpack. Sometimes means I help them to unpack boxes of belongings during a move or remodel. I also have the honor of helping individuals unpack their feelings, emotions, and memories during the process of decluttering and organizing spaces in their homes.

Unpacking | More than your “stuff”

calm woman outdoors
Finding the calm

Unpacking with a Professional Organizer is a Personal Organizer. That is because my clients will tell me the stories behind the items. They share everything from the person who gave it to them and what that meant to him or her. They describe where they were when they bought the item, a trip, or an event. Maybe most importantly, what the item reminds them of and how it makes them feel to see it or touch it now.

This trusting, confidential relationship is powerful, sometimes cathartic. Everything from tears to anger or deep belly laughs comes up during this process of unpacking. The process allows individuals to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of somewhat easier or at least more clear.

Unpacking | The process

Frustration? Overwhelm?

Being a Professional Organizer I am skilled in the planning and execution of decluttering and organizing. I can recommend resources and tools that make organizing systems more efficient. Many of us, myself included, are excellent listeners and observers. My client’s mood and energy level enables me to pace the work and find safe ways to help them through the process.

Professional Organizers may have additional training and experience in coaching clients. When something deeper and unresolved shows up during your work with an Organizer it is best to seek the support of a trained therapist. Sometimes, even temporarily, it takes a village. Best wishes!