Vertical Space Organizing Tips

Vertical Space Organizing Tips

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Vertical Space Organizing (lynk)

Vertical space can be a life saver when it comes to getting organized. Hopefully you have items that you enjoy in your home and office. Not all of them need to be stored in drawers, storage containers, closets or on shelves. Years ago a client wanted to be able to see her purses and jewelry. She asked me to help her organize them and arrange them in her guest bedroom. I wasn’t sure that this was going to work out initially. Working as a Professional Organizer in San Diego and other areas of the country allows me to learn from clients, so I agreed to help her with her idea. The most important factor in professional organizing is to focus on the client’s goals.

Utilizing vertical spaces such as walls, doors, has several organizing benefits:

  1. Optimizes available space
  2. Saves space inside (closets, cupboards, drawers) and on surfaces
  3. Improves aesthetics
  4. Provides accessibility and easy reach
  5. Helps increase use of items that are visually available
  6. Decreases the need for storage containers
  7. Prevents unnecessary purchases

There are other creative storage solutions for using vertical space such as book cases, shelving, and various racks.

IRIS File Bin

Organized File Bin

Problem: Too much paper on the desk surface. Solution: Save space on the closest bookcase for an organized file bin.





Problem: Too many items on the kitchen counters.


ceiling pot rack

Vertical Storage Overhead

  • Of course, purge items on surfaces and in drawers and cupboards first to create space for items directly above or below their counter spot.
  • If the item is too large for either consider an appliance garage to hide items in 1 section.
  • Another possibility is to purchase a sturdy cart on wheels that can be stored in the closest pantry or closet. Wheel it out for use and return when done.
  • Install racks for pots and pans from the ceiling. Install a magnetic knife bar on the wall over your prep area. Use over the cupboard door hooks for storing smaller items such as spices, oils and vinegars.



Whether your problem is too many papers or purses there is a creative storage solution. My client and I were thrilled with the final results of the organizing project in her guest bedroom. Happy organizing!

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Vertical Space Organizing Solutions