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Let’s Shop In Your Closet

Wardrobe and Image Makeover

You know what makes me the happiest? When I show a woman how to Shop in Her Closet © and dress for the body she is in today. She gazes at her reflection in the mirror with the widest smile and says, “I never thought that I would look good in this.” Yes, that makes me want to do a happy dance. Here are just some of the benefits of working with me, your San Diego Wardrobe and Image Consultant:
• Save money – by creating new outfits from your current wardrobe and how to accessorize them.
• Enhance your body type – by learning which styles, cuts, patterns, textures and colors are right styles for the body you are in today.
• Elevate your self confidence – in the way that you present yourself in personal and professional environments.
Let’s look at a few examples of how some of my clients used to limit their views of themselves and their wardrobe possibilities…
Shirley’s story: We were organizing clothing to determine which ones she might keep and which she would let go of. Shirley thought that the leather pants that she wore when she was first married were no longer “appropriate” for her to wear. After all, she was now the mother of two children and her body was changed. As a Wardrobe and Image Consultant it is my responsibility to allow the client to see possibilities that enable her to make the decision comfortably.
I asked Shirley to try on the pants…they fit perfectly and I think that she was surprised. I showed her several ways that she could create outfits for casual and dressier occasions by combining different tops, shoes, boots and accessories. She looked fabulous in every combination and best of all, everything came from her closet. The icing on the cake was how Shirley began to see herself in these updated outfits.
Don’t assume that something doesn’t look good on you. Try it on with the right pieces and see for yourself. As creatures of habit we all tend to wear the same things the same way, I’d love to help you mix it up!
Robin’s story: This client was stuck in wanting to wear things that she thought made her look younger. Robin was very fit, great muscular but still feminine build, and very petite in height. She loved wearing clunky platform shoes and sandals with very short (mid-thigh) skirts. My trained eye thought something else which was that she would actually benefit from wearing clothing that would create an elongated visual image.
Admittedly some women are very hard to persuade, especially if they believe that their significant others find them sexy in those shorter, tighter outfits. Still, it is worth trying on items that enhance your body type to at least see the contrast and perhaps try creating outfits for specific situations (personal versus professional). First impressions do matter.
Cathy’s story: Cathy represents a group of women who believe that they can’t wear something because of a specific aspect of their body. For instance, a small breasted woman may shy away from close fitted tops. A curvy woman may wear voluminous skirts rather than a pencil skirt. In Cathy’s case she thought that because she her legs were “heavy” that she couldn’t wear leggings. I’m here to tell all of you and her that it isn’t necessarily about one aspect of your body or the specific item of clothing. It is about wearing the item the right way.
Wearing something the right way means that it fits, it’s comfortable and easy to move in, and it is part of an outfit that draws the eye to the parts of the body you want to emphasize. I pulled several tops, a pair of boots and a belt from Cathy’s closet. She humored me and tried the outfit on and she rocked it! Not only was she strutting her stuff she showed it to her husband who was in another part of the house and he gave it the thumbs up (that never hurts).
Lisa’s story: “I can’t wear white pants, I’m too heavy.” “Black makes me look thinner.” “I look horrible in yellow.” Oy vey! Why are we so convinced about these things when it isn’t necessarily true? When I take a client on a guided shopping trip to learn what she looks fabulous in they must agree to 2 things. First, they must try on anything that I ask them to (they don’t have to love it). Secondly, they must wear a well fitted bra so that there is lift and separation. This is a must under any top or dress. A guided shopping trip, by the way, is educational and fun; there is no obligation to buy anything.
All that said, Lisa learned several important things that afternoon. She looked fabulous in white jeans that fit her and had stretch in the fabric. She also learned that she could wear a trending color like yellow if it was in a print or if it was in a bottom piece like a pant or skirt (not near her face). That way, skin tone is not an issue. Finally, being stuck in wearing mostly or only black doesn’t make anyone look thinner, just boring!
Imagine accepting your body type as it is today and feeling that you deserve to look amazing in it. Acceptance is uplifting and doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to eat healthy and exercise. Waiting for that ideal weight before you look fabulous is self-sabotaging. Trust yourself, be patient, and let a professional help you see your beauty as I can see it.
What if you were able to empty your entire closet and start again? Don’t worry, this is what I call Shop in Your Closet ©, its fun.
• Take everything out of your closet and lay the items out in a staging area such as your bed, the floor, or a clothing rack.
• Think about the image, look, and style that would ideally suit you today…as you are and in the lifestyle you currently want.
• Immediately place items that don’t enhance your image, body type and lifestyle into a donation or consignment bag. Remove them from the room.
• Using a beginner’s mind begin to pick out the items that you love, that fit, and that you can mix and layer with other items that you see. Just like shopping in a store, create new outfits and find the accessories that look great with each outfit. Be creative, open-minded, and inspired.
In 2 of my previous posts I’ve shared my belief that a mindful approach, including a beginner’s mind, can help you see things as if you’ve never seen them before. In the case of image and wardrobe this can help you to feel renewed and interested in looking your best self. Practicing this attitude allows you to:
• Resist judgment and labeling
• Expand your thinking and your possibilities
• View things with a fresh start