Wardrobe Consultant’s 7 Shopping Tips

As an Image and Wardrobe Consultant in San Diego I know that not everyone will go shopping with me. But that won’t keep me from sharing these tips! Think of me as your virtual consultant…

  1. Designers – find the brands and designers who create clothing that fits your body well. Build your wardrobe around those designers.
  2. Classic pieces – consider investing more in well constructed pieces that can be worn for several seasons.
  3. Trends – don’t be afraid of trends; spend less on those types of items.
  4. Accessorizing – have fun with it, be bold, and remember that less IS more.
  5. Color – if you absolutely love a color that doesn’t necessarily compliment your skin and hair color, wear it on the lower half of your body or as an accessory (shoe, bag).
  6. Metallic – these are still in style and like accessories…less is more.
  7. Alterations – a good seamstress is your friend! Make sure that your clothing fits the most challenging part of your body and then alter the item, as needed.
pink pants

Put color on your list!