Wardrobe Consulting Tips

Wardrobe Consulting Tips | How To Create Outfits

As a Wardrobe and Image Consultant I share tips for how to expand¬† your wardrobe by creating “new” outfits from the same basic pieces.

Wardrobe Consulting Tip #1: Just because you bought a suit doesn’t mean that you always have to wear the top and bottom together. You can wear them as separates and mix them with other pieces. By doing this you can make a business or dressy outfit more casual and therefore, get more wear out of it.

Wardrobe Consulting Tip #2: Wear a jean jacket with a dress or skirt to transform the entire outfit and give it a more casual look. Add a suit jacket or silk blouse to a dress jean and you are date-ready! Be creative and mix fabrics, textures, and patterns.

Wardrobe Consulting Tip #3: Mix neutrals! That’s right, go beyond black and white. For example, these combinations look fabulous: black with brown, navy with grey, grey with black.

Some of these ideas may be radical for you but trust me, you will love the results simply by changing pieces and wearing different accessories. Let’s look at how I did this with a lovely red dress, for example. In a previous post I accessorized the same dress for an evening event. This time I want to show you how you can “casual-ize” it and wear it in a completely different way! Here’s my Wardrobe Consultant magic at work…

Step 1: Your basic gorgeous dress.

Step 2: Go casual with a black leather jacket.

Step 3: Add a pair of great knee high boots.

Step 4: Accessorize with an edgier look.

Step 5: A tote bag finishes this evening to day look.

red holiday dress

The Basic Dress

black leather jacket

Black Leather Jacket

black leather book

Knee High Style

metal and leather cuff bracelet

Edgy cuff, mixed materials

Crystal drop earring

Casual Drop Earring

Casual black tote bag

Tote This!