Wardrobe Organizing Tips

For some people the line between “I want it” and “I need it” becomes blurred. One of the best organizing tips that I can offer you is to be awake, aware and intentional about your choices. It’s not about good/bad or right/wrong so much as realizing what you are doing in order to make the best choice for you. If you love shoes, for instance, but your closet and wardrobe are a cluttered mess you can try the following.

  • Gather all of your inventory and sort them by category into a visible area or on a surface.
  • How many of each item do you currently own? How many do you have adequate storage space for? TIP: you want all of the items in your closet to be visible to you so that you can wear them!
  • As soon as you identify items that you no longer want to keep sort them immediately into bags or containers to “discard”, “donate”, “sell” and do each when you are done sorting.
  • Count the remaining number of items within each category and set that as your limit. Make an agreement with yourself that you will not exceed this number and that for every 1 new item that you purchase, you let go of an older one. TIP: do you want to reduce your inventory? Change your agreement! For every 1 new item that you bring in, 2 older ones go out.
  • Determine how you will contain, label and organize each category and what you will need to use or purchase in order to re-organize them back into the closet. Do you want clear shoe boxes? Or do you want to use distinct labels (photos, written) for boxes that you can’t see into so that you can readily identify what is inside of them. Each time you wear one of the items you can turn the hanger, shoe box, or folded item to the opposite direction. This will provide a visual reality check to see if the items you decided to keep are really being worn and enjoyed. If not, get rid of the unturned ones. You’ll be happy that you did!

Remember that mindless shopping will create stress for you and those you live with. Love what you own and in the future, what you buy because you know why you making the purchase. “I want it” means, I’m going to enjoy wearing it and how I feel in it.

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