Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Gift Giving

To bag or wrap? That is the question! Let’s get organized, save money, be creative, and protect our environment. What you will need: clear storage bins for gift wrap and wrapping related items such as tape, scissors, bubble wrap, etc. An open table, counter or floor space to work in.

TIP #1:  Schedule time to get all of your gift wrap, tissue paper, gift bags, shopping bags with handles, ribbon and bows into 1 area where you can see your entire inventory.

TIP #2: Recycle or discard everything that is too old or damaged to re-/use. Sort each type of item that you can keep and use into a clear container(s).

TIP #3: Commit to using everything that you have before you purchase more (why waste $$). Decide to use bags rather than gift wrap whenever possible (easier for recipients to reuse).

What about those bags from stores that you’ve been saving? You use these for gift giving or recycle them. Decorate the outside of the bag in creative ways even if the gift is not from that store, with photos and kids’ art.

crumpled wrapping paper

All that paper!