What’s so bad about clutter?

Piles of bags and boxes


We all know people who don’t seem affected by piles of magazines, clothes on the closet floor, or unopened mail. One person’s clutter may be another person’s breaking point! So, what’s so bad about clutter?  Like any kind of excess clutter can be create a health risk, safety hazard, time waster, money loser, or social embarrassment.

Outside In Organizer and Makeovers suggests that you consider the benefits of keeping things uncluttered on a regular basis. There is a difference between minimalism and what looks like a natural disaster. I suggest a happy medium so that you can enjoy:

  • moving safely in a space
  • opening cupboards and closets without things falling out
  • a dust-free environment
  • an aesthetically pleasing home or office, and more.

If you’re overwhelmed, recruit help from a non-judgmental friend or hire an Organizer. Use the 1 at a Time Rule, work in one area at a time and don’t distract yourself by trying to organize more than one space. Set a timer to take breaks or simply establish a limit. Make it fun, put on some energetic music, wear comfortable clothing, take before and after photos!