Who needs a Professional Organizer?

Everyone can use a little organizing, right? One common misconception is that people think that hoarding is the main reason for hiring a Professional Organizer. That is not the only reason for hiring a professional and in fact, just because someone has a lot of “stuff” doesn’t necessarily mean that they need a Professional Organizer. My San Diego and national clients range from very organized to chronically disorganized and everyone in between. The key factors in considering whether or not you might want to hire a Professional Organizer include:

  1. The disorganization that you are observing is adversely affecting one or more areas of the individual’s life.
  2. The disorganization is recognizable to the individual and not necessarily to others.
  3. The individual is ready to accept help and make change(s).
Who Needs a Professional Organizer

Tackling Disorganization

I’ve met people who have desktops and countertops that entirely covered. This situation doesn’t cause them stress because they know where everything is and are able to find it without wasting time. I am not sure that clearing their desk or counter would increase their productivity and provide them with a sense of calm. On the other hand, I am working with office clients who are afraid to put piles of papers away because they will forget to do something with them. The first red flag is that they haven’t done anything with those papers in months, and the piles continue to grow larger. That is someone who could benefit in several ways from working with a Professional Organizer to develop a system with results.

I have another client who is very organized and appreciates the aesthetics of an uncluttered home environment. She hired me to assess her home and provide her with ideas for reducing inventory, displaying stored items, donating unused items, and relocating items for improved access and functionality. Working with a trained Professional Organizer enables individuals to use an objective assessment to make improvements. This client took the ideas and ran with it! She worked with her family and made changes that enhanced access and storage in their garage, use of kitchen and pantry space, and improved the organization of office spaces in their home.

Who needs a Professional Organizer?

Make a list of areas that might be improved if better organized and how it would improve your productivity, physical health and safety, emotional well being, and use of your existing space. Would you like some ideas from a professional? Call one and find out if you need some time with a Professional Organizer!