Why am I keeping this? Organizing 101 Ground Rules!

Do you find yourself hesitating to get rid of things? Having “organizing ground rules” will help you make easier, quicker decisions.

Rule #1: Do a little at a time. Rather than set out to declutter the entire house, use the Outside In Approach “1-at-a-Time Rule”. One closet, drawer, surface, etc. at a time.

Rule #2: The 3 P’s – plan, prepare, purge. Determine your goal, schedule time to execute your plan, have the supplies you’ll need on hand, know where you are going to donate, discard, recycle,or consign. Have the bins, bags ready. Have the time to take the purged items away that same day, if possible.

Rule #3: Ask yourself guiding questions to help make decisions. Do I love it? Do I need it now, or in the next 3 months? Is it in working or wearable condition? Can someone else use it more than me? Does it still serve my purposes? Be gentle, don’t judge yourself.

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