Why You Don’t Organize

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Why You Don’t Organize

Reasons Why You Don’t Organize

Organize, organize, organize! It’s on the cover of almost every magazine these days. “3 Reasons Why You Don’t Organize” was my recent blog post, did you read it? If so, here are 3 more reasons why you may not organize:

  1. You don’t think that being organized is that important
  2. You don’t think that there are consequences of being disorganized
  3. You believe that you were raised to be disorganized or inherited these behaviors

Being organized is just not that important

What’s the big deal? Maybe you work or live alone and it doesn’t matter to you. Sometimes people tell me that they can usually find what they are looking for so having clutter isn’t a problem. It may not seem important to be more organized because you’ve become accustomed to living or working that way. Think again!

Being organized doesn’t affect me

Disorganization can show up in many ways. For instance,

  • You wear the same outfits most of the time.
  • You often have difficulty finding something clean to wear.
  • Your car usually has less than half a tank of gas.
  • You have piles of unopened mail.
  • Your email inbox is full.
  • Your voicemail is full.
  • Your computer desktop is cluttered.
  • You never have coupons when you need them, or they are expired.
  • You forget to bring your reusable grocer bags into the store.

If some of the above sounds familiar to you perhaps you haven’t thought about the benefits of organizing. You are less likely to be late, lose things including your credibility with others, or suffer financial consequences.

“I’ve always been disorganized! “I inherited this from my mother.”

Organized people aren’t born that way. Organization skills are learned behaviors that require:

  • Intention and awareness
  • Motivation and reward
  • Practice, repetition, and consistency over time

Are you just accustomed to seeing the clutter and adept at ignoring it? Do you find that you avoid inviting others into your home or office? Are you tuned into how disorganization makes you feel about yourself and your abilities?

How to get organized (and stay organized)

  1. Be more aware of what you are or are not doing.
  2. Set realistic and achievable goals.
  3. Schedule a daily decluttering and organizing time.
  4. Reward your successes. Acknowledge your challenges without judging yourself.
  5. Get help from a Personal and Professional Organizer.