Organizing | Why You Never Finish

Organizing, why you will never finish:

daily flossing

Daily Flossing is like organizing! ( 89studio)

Organizing is a ongoing process that requires maintenance. Don’t be disillusioned please. Getting and staying organized is like eating healthy, daily flossing and working out. Would you ever stop flossing your teeth every day? Look at what organizing and eating healthy or working out have in common:

  • All 3 of these are good for you. You always feel better when you do it.
  • Conversely, you often feel worse when you don’t!
  • Doing each of these will provide you with a sense of well being and accomplishment.
  • The most important common factor among these 3 life skills is that having  systems makes it much easier to know what to do and to get back on track if you falter.

You need systems:

Organizing systems: have a place for everything so that everything can be returned to its place. Eliminate clutter.

Eating healthy systems: have a shopping list with healthy foods on it to remind you what to buy. Eliminate impulse shopping.

Exercise systems: have a regular day and time in your schedule for working out. Recruit an exercise partner or hire a coach. Eliminate excuses not to work out.

More organizing tips:

Use your calendar as a journal, accountability log, or “done” list. Write down what you accomplished in your calendar to see it every day and for the week. Cross through it each day or check it off. Acknowledge your successes big and small.

Create your “Optimal Habits” ©. You know that it takes 21 days to change or create new habits. “Optimal Habits” © are the ones that are not only good for you, they are the ones that you will stick with because the reward for doing them is greater than the consequences or results of not doing them.

Organize 1 thing a day and use my “1-at-a- time rule ©. You may be surprised how much you can accomplish in only 15-30 minutes when you break it down and stick to 1 thing at a time. Examples:

  • 1 basket of magazines, newspapers and catalogs.
  • Spend 15 minutes decluttering your email inbox.
  • Purge or file everything in 1 pile of papers.
  • Go through all of your tee shirts and purge, donate, repurpose (they make great rags for cleaning), etc.

You get the idea. The cumulative effect of daily organizing is indisputable, motivating and prevents overwhelm. Remember that there is no wrong place to start. As your Personal and Professional Organizer I recommend that you start with the easiest things to organize. Think about scheduling an organizing phone session with me now!