Declutter and Space Tips

Your Professional Organizer in San Diego has brilliant tips to help achieve optimal organization for your home or office space.

Downsizing | Why | When

There are an abundance of reasons and advantages that you may be thinking about downsizing. Read: Advantages of downsizing your home You don’t have to wait until retirement, in fact, you may want to focus more on your career and less on home maintenance. Which one of these applies to you now or in the near future?

  • Save time
  • Reduce Spending
  • Need more space
  • Desire a quieter location
  • Proximity to amenities, shopping – less driving
  • Health and safety reasons; respond to changing physical needs
  • Reduce maintenance, less stuff and clutter, less dusting, cleaning and polishing
  • Lifestyle changes; you entertain differently, want to be outdoors more, travel more

It may be the right time for downsizing if any one of these factors are important to you.

Downsizing | Where | What

Downsizing, where do you begin? Avoid feeling overwhelmed by starting early (before you have to).

You can downsize 3 major areas:

  • Single level residence, reduce stair climbing
  • Less square footage
  • Reevaluate living space
    – Do you need a formal dining or living room?
    – How many guest rooms or home offices do you really need?
  • Reduce, eliminate outdoor maintenance
  • Consider the advantages of renting
  • Old, damaged gift wrap
  • Expired foods and medications (proper disposal, don’t flush),
  • Clothing that is stained, cannot be repaired
  • Papers that need to be shred
  • Unopened, non perishable foods, spices
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit; accessories
  • Working electronic and household appliances
  • Books, magazines
  • Office supplies
  • Unopened toiletries, feminine hygiene products
  • Gifts
  • Linens
  • Old children’s items such as clothing, toys, furniture
  • Sports, recreational equipment
  • Decorative items
  • Luggage
  • Get rid of long term, offsite storage

Dispose of items you haven’t (and will never) use:

  • Get off of Boards, committees, etc. that no longer fulfill you
  • Balance work, family and self care
  • Reduce, eliminate chores, tasks that you don’t have to do
  • Hire outside services to do things that you don’t want to do
  • Cluster errands
  • schedule standing appointments
  • Confirm appointments

Downsizing | How to

Downsizing is a process that takes time and planning.

  • Recruit help
  • Delegate
  • Have a plan
  • Dedicate time to downsize
  • Start with the easy things
  • Learn to set boundaries and say no


Let me know if I can assist you with your downsizing needs, it’s what I do!


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