Getting organized

Tips for getting organized need to be easy to use every day. If you are ready to clear the clutter, become more productive, and feel more in control here are 5 tips from your San Diego Professional Organizer. Show your space some love!

drawer organizers
Keep space clear

Getting organized | Keep it clear

Tips for getting organized include ways to keep space clear. Create a “home” for everything and put items away after you are finished using them every single time. Maintain clear surfaces including your counter tops, furniture surfaces, chair seats, staircases, floors and beds. Clear space is easier to keep clean, safer, and is more visually appealing. Try to keep it clear from too many “chotchkies” and stacks of items that you aren’t using.

Getting organized | Use vertical space

Over the door hooks
Use vertical space

Tips for getting organized include using vertical space. This helps to declutter crowded shelves and drawers. You can use hooks and back of the door organizers, add shelves, and always keep a step stool handy. Consider hanging items such as belts, scarves, necklaces, and purses rather than crowding drawers.

Getting organized |Contain “like” items

Tips for getting organized start by purging items that you no longer need or use. Then you can group small, loose items in shallow containers. Examples: coins, keys, smaller office supplies. The benefit of containing “like” items is that they are more visible and easier to find when you need them.

Getting organized | Keep junk mail out

Shred or recycle junk mail

If you don’t bring it in it won’t become another pile of mail to go through. If junk mail is overwhelming you, keep your recycle bin and shredder where you bring the mail in. Examples: garage, mudroom or kitchen.

Getting organized | Donate asap

Donations can pile up in a closet or garage. One easy solution is to keep a bag for your donations and consignments in your car and drop them off immediately.

Getting organized is a process. You will be most successful when you try to implement these tips 1 at a time and practice until they become habits. Enjoy your clutter-free life!

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