Just 1 thing

Notebook list
To Do List (Source: Pixabay)

Just 1 thing is more than an attitude about being productive. Just 1 thing is a way of getting unstuck from decision paralysis and overwhelm. It may seem like a drop in a bucket, yet taking this approach will enable you to feel more productive and organized.

Productivity and organizing start by doing just one thing. If you are one of those folks who thinks, “I have so much to do that I don’t even know where to start!” you will want to read on…

Just 1 thing is the way of beginning to manage your time efficiently and accomplish tasks. Just 1 thing is a way to get started. Rather than let overwhelm paralyze you or prevent you from doing anything let’s get started.

wicker basket of sanitizing products
Organize your box sanitizing items (Source: Outside In Organizer)

Just 1 Thing | Productivity Tips

If you could get just 1 thing done today what would it be? Make it simple and try not to over think it. Start with a quick task (see examples below). If it is a complex task, do just the first step today.

Use these 3 productivity tips:

  1. If it is something that you’ve been avoiding just get started. Spend 15 minutes on that 1 thing. This will help conquer procrastination and help you see some success.
  2. Getting started will also help you to identify the next step. Break down a multi step task into small mini tasks.
  3. Schedule a specific day/time (15-30 minutes) for the next task or step. Make a list of what you will need for that 1 thing.

Just 1 Thing | Examples

stack of magazines
Declutter stacks of magazines (Source: freedigitalphotos.net)

Just one thing thinking applies to any type of task or project. Here are some examples:

  • Magazines, catalogues – sort through old and duplicate magazines and catalogs. If you haven’t read them by now, recycle those that are 3-6 months old.
  • Spices – go through your herbs and spices to discard expired or spoiled ones. Create a shopping list of those you want to replace.
  • Toys – gather all of the toys that your children no longer play with. Donate those that are in working condition.
  • Shoes – try on all of your shoes. Sort them into sell, donate, repair containers and proceed accordingly.
  • Water bottles, thermal coffee mugs (reusable) – gather your reusable beverage containers. Donate those you’ve never used and discard the ones that you no longer use. Keep the ones that you use most in an accessible place.
  • Small office supplies – gather your pens, pencils, markers and highlighters. Keep the ones that you will use and donate the rest. Discard anything that no longer works. If you have an excess of items such as pads of paper, notebooks, sticky notes, tape, paper clips, etc. donate those.

The types of items that you want to lessen to create more space in your home and office are endless. This can be done when you need a break from something that is more mentally taxing.

Just 1 Thing | Need help?

Let me know if you want help getting started. Walk into a room and look around. What 1 thing stands out and gets your attention? You can take photos and look at the room from a different perspective. Just do that 1 thing!