Denise Levine with clothes in closet

Organize your wardrobe

Denise Levine with wardrobe client
Organize, update your wardrobe

Organize your wardrobe so that you only wear the clothes that look fabulous on the body you are in today. You can stop waiting to lose those 10 extra pounds and let the clothes that aren’t comfortable go to someone else. As your Personal Professional Organizer and Image Consultant I love to share women’s wardrobe tips that you can use on your own. The first organizing tip is that there is NO substitute for good fit. The second is that the best time to organize your wardrobe is at the end of a season. You can let go of the clothing that you didn’t wear at all.

We tend to wear the same few items on a regular basis, but what about all of the other items in your closet? Do you have items that you purchased and never liked? Those can be consigned or donated. If you don’t like shopping, consider the benefit of working with a professional shopper and image consultant. Read more about wardrobe organizing…

Organize your wardrobe | Purge

Purge! This step is the key to deciding what to keep and what to let go of (discard, donate, consign). Before you purchase any new items to either fill in or update your wardrobe, begin with step one. Purge items that are:

  • Old, dated
  • Ill fitting
  • Stained, faded or torn

Try not to feel guilty. Remember that our tastes, as well as our bodies and our lifestyles, change.

Organize your wardrobe | Sort

Sort the clothing that you are keeping. This will help you decide what you have too much of (you can buy less of these), or too little of (add to your shopping list). You can sort by color, style, sleeve length and clothing categories. I can’t count the number of times someone said, “I never realized how many pairs of blue jeans that I have.” One of the benefits of organizing is that you can spend more wisely. Assess what is missing in your wardrobe including accessories.

Organize your wardrobe

Denise Levine with clothes in closet
Organize clothes in your closet

Organize your wardrobe in your closet. Design your system – your system is the one that works for you. Some of my clients prefer to organize by category and then color. Others find that organizing by outfits helps them to wear more of what they own. Group tops and bottoms that mix and match well together in your closet. Hang accessories such as scarves and necklaces with tops that you can wear them with. For people who are more visual this can help you to expand your wardrobe and wear more of what you own.

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