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Organizing for spring

Organizing for spring makes me think of clearing out spaces, organizing the items in those spaces, and switching from my winter to spring wardrobe. Spring is all about renewal and what better way to honor your space than by organizing it? Your San Diego Professional Organizer is here to share organizing tips that you can use this season.

The organizing process is similar to the season of spring:

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Organizing for spring (freedigitalphotos.net sattva)
  • Plant the seeds or ideas for getting organized. Make a list of everything that you want to organize.
  • Make your organizing goal achievable. Prepare the soil, and have a clear vision of what the organized space will look like and how it will function better.
  • Gather the necessary resources, tools. What and who do you need to get organized?
  • Create a plan to nurture, maintain your organizing system. Like gardening you want to pull the weeds (declutter), prepare the soil (clean out the space and sort items), and nurture what you plant (create a maintenance plan).

Spring organizing | Organizing tips

Plan ahead. It sounds obvious but some people intend to get organized and don’t do it because they are lacking a plan.

spoons of seeds
Planting seeds, ideas for organizing (freedigitalphotos.net adamr)

Pick 1 specific project at a time. For example, don’t state “I want to get my home office organized.” Be specific, “I want to organize my office so that my desk is clear at the end of every day and I can find what I need in my filing system.”

Schedule a specific date and block of time (when you won’t be interrupted) to work on the project. If it is a large project break it up into several smaller projects.

Spring organizing tips

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