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Organize your time

Organizing habits can be learned when it comes to time management. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you often feel like you have too much to do? That you never get to the important things? That you have no time for yourself?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions it may be time to create new organizing habits starting with ways to declutter your time. Developing this organizing habit is essential for your personal and professional satisfaction.

4 Ways to declutter your time:

  1. Purge
  2. Pass it on
  3. Portion
  4. Postpone

Organizing habit | Purge

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Purge desk items

Organizing habits help you to regularly weed out the “things” you no longer need and this includes things to do. Think of your schedule as a container. Your schedule can only “hold” so much which means that it needs to be decluttered of the things that you can do in any given day or week.

Declutter first by purging anything that YOU don’t have, or want to do. If it were important or something that you really wanted done it is likely that you would have done so by now.

Organizing habit | Pass it on

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Productivity and Organizing Professional

If you cannot purge or eliminate a task consider developing the organizing habit, passing it on. If you want or need to do something maybe it can be delegated. This allows you to save time for the things that only you can and want to do. There may already be things that fall into this category, for instance housekeeping, yard work, child care, hair stylist, manicurist, personal trainer, and the list can go on. Remember that you can assign these tasks to a family member and you don’t have to always hire and pay someone.

Organizing habit | Portion

Organizing your time to be productive and get things done doesn’t an all or none approach. Sometimes people procrastinate about getting bigger tasks done because they think that they don’t have enough time to do it from start to finish. The organizing habit of portioning is a very effective way to accomplish this.

Portion or divide, larger tasks into smaller steps. I call these mini projects. Think of it like growing a garden from seed. You have to organize time to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water them and allow the seedlings to grow before your garden begins to flower.

Another example, think about training for a marathon. You need to start months before the race running realistic mileage and increasing your distance over time. During the training period you also increase endurance and strength, employ good nutrition and hydration, and learn to stretch to avoid injury. To safely run a marathon and most importantly enjoy doing so you don’t just put on your shoes and go run 26.2 miles!

The benefit of organizing your time by portioning is getting the steps to finish the task done on a consistent basis. You will feel a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Organizing habit | Postpone

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Time management | Postpone

Organized people recognize that not everything is of equal importance or urgency. Organizing occurs when things and tasks are prioritized. Examples:

  • Limited space – don’t replenish until you are down to a reasonable amount and have the space. Benefit – less clutter, less wasted spending.
  • Meeting deadlines – work backwards from the due date and begin working on projects with time to spare. Benefit – have time to correct, revise, and submit before or by the due date.
  • Distractions – avoid distractions that don’t move you towards your goal. Benefit – less stress and overwhelm.

Postpone tasks that do not have due dates or negative consequences. Set up a workspace that reduces distractions and enables you to focus. Schedule lower priority tasks that you need to do at a later time and employ all of the above organizing habits on a daily basis.

Organizing habits

As your Productivity and Organizing Professional I can help you take control of your time so that you can get to the things you want and need to do. Let’s create a customized plan that will help you know how to get started. Wishing you much success!