Organizing habits are those actions that you perform on a regular basis. Despite popular belief you aren’t born with organizing skills. Your ability to be organized is something that you learn through observation, interest, and practice. As an Organizing and Productivity Professional I encourage you to create organizing habits that make your life easy!

We can become more organized because we are rewarded by the benefits of these habits:

organized display of items in china cabinet
Organizing sentimental items
  • Productivity and efficiency.
  • Sense of calm, order and control.
  • Aesthetic value of your space.

Organizing habit | A place for everything

One of the principles of being organized is the habit of creating a place or “home” for everything. The power of this organizing habit cannot be understated. A place for everything includes actions as well as tangible objects.

Calendar, planner. Your schedule is the place for your projects, errands, meetings, and appointments. When you commit a specific day and time for what you need to do your are implementing this organizing habit.

Cupboards, drawers, closets. The items that you want and need should all have a home in a specific storage space. Creating a place for items enables you to find them quickly and when you need them. It allows you to know how much you have and when you need to replenish your supply.

Vehicle. Believe it or not your vehicle is the perfect place to store items that you need on the go. Some suggestions:

  • First aid kit
  • Container for trash
  • Coupon holder
  • Space for donations
  • Reusable bags
  • Non perishable snacks
  • Emergency items; sanitizing items
office supplies on shelves
Store items that are similar

Organizing habit | Location

Locate items in places that are logical to you and those who share the space with you. Location isn’t right or wrong it is about what makes sense so that you can find and return items to their home.

Proximity to use. It is preferable to organize frequently used items closest to where you will use them. This will make returning the item easier as well.

Visually obvious. In some cases it is preferable to organize items where you can see them and remember to use them. For instance if your mail piles up you may want to create a mail station near your television remote or in the kitchen.

Ease of use. If you or someone you live with isn’t placing laundry in the hamper you can locate a hamper where they dress/undress. Make it easy to use and lessen how many steps needed to accomplish the task.

Accomplishment. Organizing your to-dos so that you will get them done is easier when you assign them a realistic amount of time on your calendar. It you know that you will exercise regularly when you do it in the morning, schedule time to exercise on 3-4 mornings. I know that if I put it off until the afternoon I am sabotaging myself because I will have lots of excuses…I’m too tired, hungry, and so on. Set yourself up for success!

Organizing habit | Kickstart

Organizing habits are like all other habits. You are more likely to be successful if you begin with one at a time. Make it realistic. Find a professional to help you to prioritize and get started. Most of all don’t give up. Wishing you success…