Organizing tips and products

Clutter-free surface (image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

Organizing tips and organizing products are designed to make your life easier and more functional.  Organizing is not always about the aesthetics of the space that you live and work in although that can be a side benefit. A cleared surface is certainly more aesthetically pleasing that one filled with clutter. An organized drawer is more pleasing to use and more importantly, return items to when you are done using them. The same is true for every space in your house,  office and even your vehicle.

As a Productivity and Organizing Professional it is my job (and passion) to share strategies and ideas for how you can be more productive, organized and less stressed. Sound good? Here are some organizing tips for how to get started.

3 No-fail Organizing Strategies

Get started. Just like Nike says, “just do it”. Accept that there is no perfect or extra  time to organize. The best first strategy is to get started.

One- At-A Time Rule.  Identify the 1 area that would give you the most relief if it were more organized. Work only in that area. You don’t have to finish it all at once, in fact, it is better to create mini projects.

Top To Bottom Rule. When going through a pile of papers including mail it’s helpful to start at the top, and work your way to the bottom, one-at-a-time. Avoid shuffling through the pile to look for other papers. It may seem tedious but once you gain momentum doing it this way it will be more efficient. Ask yourself, do I need to do something with this (action item)? File it (future reference)? Shred or recycle?

3 Favorite Organizing Products

Baskets with handles | Easier reach (image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

Organizing products should be functional. Products that enable you to easily store and access items are essential in any space. Organizing products may also be needed to:

  • Contain smaller and like items.
  • Make optimal use of spaces.
  • Protect fragile or perishable items, including documents and photos.
Pullout shelf | Increased visibility (image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

Here are just some of my favorite organizing products that I use at home:

  • Shelf helpers
  • Baskets with handles
  • Pullout shelves
Shelf helpers | Use vertical space (image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers)

3 Final sure-fire organizing strategies

Get start today. Remember to always begin by purging and deleting those things that no longer serve you. There is no reason to organize items that you don’t need, use or want.

Use what you have. Before you go out and buy any organizing products use and reuse items that you have including bins, containers, gently used file folders and baskets.

Professional Organizing. Whether or not you work with a Professional Organizer you can find endless amounts of information online, in magazines and at the bookstore. Do what you can on your own and consider the value of your time. Sometimes the investment in a consult with a Professional Organizer is the best way to kick start  the process.