disorganized junk drawer

Organizing process

disorganized junk drawer
How to organize your junk drawer

Organizing is an ongoing process, similar to getting and staying fit. Living an organized life is what most of us strive to do. It is even more important now during chaotic times. During this pandemic we may find ourselves experiencing any and all of the following:

  • Lack of structure and routine.
  • Feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.
  • Stress due to lack of productivity and wasted time.

Organizing can be an anchoring or centering activity. It can promote a greater sense of control and calm. Take just a little bit of time, perhaps 15 minutes, to purge, sort and reorganize a space. Doing this on a daily basis will have a positive cumulative effect.

Do you have a “junk drawer” that is just a catch-all?  I prefer to call these all-purpose drawers. We all need a drawer where we can keep a few items to have ready for frequent use. Most often, my clients have 1 in their kitchens and sometimes another, in their offices. Although the steps for reorganizing your drawer may seem obvious allow me to give your each step and sequence. Organizing tips: don’t get caught up in buying new containers or lining the drawer. Focus on functionality.

How to reorganize your all-purpose drawer

organized desk drawer
Sort like items & contain
  1. Purge. Take everything out of the drawer.
  2. Remove clutter. Discard items that are beyond repair or spoiled.
  3. Sort. Set aside anything that doesn’t need to “live” in your drawer (belongs somewhere else).
  4. Reuse, donate. Set aside anything that can be repaired or donated.
  5. Clean out the drawer.
  6. Repurpose. Use containers to store small, loose items. You can repurpose unused food storage containers, small jewelry boxes, cotton swab containers, cosmetic and toiletry boxes.
  7. Reorganize. Place only those items that meet your criteria for easy, quick access and frequent use.

This process of organizing is similar to any and all spaces. The idea is to make the task manageable, get immediate and positive results, and do it on a consistent basis. Best wishes!