Personal organizing

Personal organizing is just that, it’s personal to you. As a Personal Professional Organizer the key to success is learning what works for you. Only then can we create organizing and time management systems that help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Personal organizing | Consultation

Personal organizing always begins with a consultation and assessment. You are the best person to identify your goals and outcomes. What do you want the end result to be? What changes would provide relief, make things easier, and reduce stress or overwhelm. Personal organizing supports YOUR goals and doesn’t dictate what they should be.

An experienced Professional Organizer is there to…

  • Create practices that YOU can sustain. I can show you ways to streamline what and how to get important things done.
  • Establish efficient systems that make sense to YOU.
  • Help to identify and reduce YOUR obstacles.

Having a professional with a neutral perspective helps to provide a new perspective. I cannot count how many times I’ve heard a client remark, “I would never have thought of that!”

Personal organizing | Process

Personal organizing follows a basic process, or steps, that apply to any organizing or time management project. The process starts with clarifying your specific goals and identifying what is working and what isn’t working. The first step is to delete, purge and eliminate anything that isn’t needed or useful to you. After that we group or sort items (or in the case of productivity and time management, tasks) into “like” categories. Step 3 is containing those things that you are keeping, need, and will use into manageable holding places. After that, the process of identifying a “home” or location for those things is critical.

Personal organizing | Is it working?

Personal organizing is like personal training! Working with a Personal Professional Organizer (or trainer) can get you started if you’ve been stuck. It is great for fast tracking the process and mostly, making you accountable.

You need to do it on a regular, consistent basis to know if it is working. Use the system for 2-6 weeks before you make significant changes. You are creating new habits and that takes time. It’s never too late to get organized.