“Before” and “After” Organizing Photos

Disorganized office
“Before” photo office organizing

“Before” and “after” organizing photos are useful for Personal Professional Organizers. When I research professional organizing industry standards and review the current trends I notice that there are blurred lines between what it looks like to be organized in a systematic way versus aesthetic appearances. Unfortunately “before” and “after” photos may not adequately capture the organizing process.

“Before” and “after” organizing photos | Purging

Purging – “before” photos show lots of stuff covering surfaces and sitting in piles and stacks. “After” photos can capture less stuff, clear surfaces, and so on. But how do you capture the decision making process that goes into getting from the before to the after in a photo? Aesthetically speaking most of us agree that less stuff looks better. “After” photos of a space that has been purged of excess doesn’t always look like it belongs on the cover of magazine though.

“Before” and “after” organizing photos | Sorting

Sorting – “before” photos capture items in random placement. There is no apparent logic or order to why individual items are together. “After” images can depict groups of “like” items however they don’t necessarily look pretty. They do look sensible and functional.

“Before” and “after” organizing photos | Containing

Organizing office paper
Containing paper

Containing – there is no doubt that putting items into storage containers, bins or files looks more organized. But tossing things into attractive containers doesn’t mean that you are organized. Before containing items you want to be sure that you accomplished the first 2 steps: purging and sorting. If not, no matter how pretty the storage containers are you will not necessarily be or feel organized.

“Before” and “after” organizing photos | Locating

Locating – “after” photos showing storage containers on shelves, in cupboards and on furniture or counter tops may look organized. The critical factor here is locating the containers in safe, accessible places near to where the items they hold will be used.

“Before” and “after” organizing photos | Maintaining

Maintaining – the second most important part of organizing (the first being getting organized) is maintaining your organizing systems. In this case a “before” photo will depict the well organized spaces and hopefully the “after” photo will look the same!

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