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Schedule tasks to get them done!

Productivity and Organizing Tips | Benefits of Being Organized

Scheduling projects, tasks and activities is not confining or rigid. It is actually liberating to know that you have created space and uninterrupted time in your schedule that is designated to getting something specific done.  No more looming tasks hanging over your head. No more procrastinating or feelings of guilt. Just schedule it, get it done, and cross it off of your list.

Scheduling will help you to focus on starting and completing projects. You will experience greater productivity and as a result, greater satisfaction. You already have the skills that allow you to schedule successfully. Think of all of the activities that you currently schedule:

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Auto maintenance
  • Haircut
  • Pet grooming
  • Book club
  • and more!

Time management tips and action steps | To help you beat the heat

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Schedule physically demanding activities such as sweeping during the coolest part of the day

Summer is the perfect time to hone your scheduling skills. Here are some time management tips and action steps to help you beat the heat:

Schedule physically demanding indoor and outdoor activities early or late in the day. 3 action steps:

  1. Make a list of the things that you need to get done that are physically demanding. What is on your list? Household chores such as sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning. Exercise outdoors, running errands, washing your vehicle.
  2. Cluster and prioritize the tasks on your list; group similar activities together. Estimate how much time each activity will take.
  3. Schedule blocks of time for these tasks into your weekly planner during the coolest parts of a specific day and time slot.

Personal Professional Organizer | Productivity Time Management Coach

Denise Levine Professional Organizer
Denise Levine, Productivity Organizing and Professional

Professionals in the Productivity and Organizing industry are experienced and trained. Why reinvent the wheel when you can schedule a session to get started? As a Productivity and Organizing Professional I can help you to:

  • Lessen the overwhelm, prioritize
  • Develop a time management system that you can maintain
  • Provide incentive and accountability

Wishing you much success!