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Productivity means a lot of things depending upon the person and the context. In business, productivity might mean using your time efficiently to yield greater output, meeting deadlines, or creating income. Productivity in a more personal context may refer to checking tasks off of your to do lists, fulfilling commitments made to others, or keeping appointments for yourself and others.

Whatever the context, it is important to be able to state your WHY. Why is it important for you to be productive? When you are clear about your WHY you can check as to whether how you spend your time, and if what you are actually doing aligns with meeting your productivity goals.

Being busy every waking hour and checking things off your to do list does not necessarily mean that you are productive. There is a difference between being busy and being productive.

Productivity | Why?

If your intention is to be productive so that you have more life balance, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose you are moving towards having more clarity. Knowing your WHY will enable you to set realistic goals.

Let’s begin with your WHY. If you tell me that you want to be more productive in order to have time to exercise I ask, “WHY?”. You may want to be healthier, lose weight, get stronger, or reduce stress. Knowing this and even committing it to writing, we can make a specific action plan. An effective action plan would be to schedule a time/day to exercise.

If you say that you want to increase your productivity to have more time for social connection your action plan will mean scheduling specific days and times to spend time with family and friends. Setting this intention and committing to planning for it will ensure that you can achieve this.

Productivity Tips

Productivity tips for getting started. Remember that being productive is more about quality than quantity. Here are 3 productivity tips to get you started:

  1. Write down your WHY. Be as specific and non judgmental as possible. Write and rewrite every day until you are absolutely clear about your WHY.
  2. Look at your typical weekly schedule. Highlight the activities that you want to do and only YOU can do. Note: this is difficult for perfectionists!
  3. Make a list of tasks and activities that you are doing and that you don’t have to do, that someone else can do, that do not need to be done at all.

Get started today

If you are having difficulty getting started it will be worth spending time with a Productivity and Organizing Professional like myself.