Productivity Tips: 7 ways to be more productive

Productivity ( Stuart Miles)

Productivity means getting the important things done. Import things are those that are helpful, pleasurable and may also be income producing. Productivity is not the same as being busy. It’s about how we choose to use our time. Here are your Professional Organizer‘s 7 ways to be more productive:

Productivity tips #1: Start challenging projects first

Are you tempted to do the easier things first and put off more challenging projects? Think back to a time when you finished a daunting project and afterwards realized “that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be”, or “that didn’t take as long as I thought it would”. More often than not we find that procrastinating didn’t serve us well. Apply the Nike mantra and “just do it”! Do what is difficult first and reward yourself with the easy things for a job well done. Read more: Easy or difficult tasks first? Which one is more productive?

Productivity tips #2: Schedule a follow up time to finish big projects

make time
Make time, follow up ( Stuart Miles)

Productive people are accountable and follow through. Big projects such as organizing a garage, storage unit, or your file cabinet will likely need more than 1 session to finish. Rather than wait for a weekend to do the entire project and run the risk of feeling overwhelmed, make a plan to start the project. Getting started is the first step. Doing big projects in manageable chunks of time is efficient and very satisfying. The key to your success is to schedule time to follow up. Make an appointment(s) with yourself and keep it! Read more: 7 Things All Super-Productive People Do

Productivity tips #3: Avoid perfectionism

Here’s 1 of my most important reminders to help you to improve your productivity: sometimes good, is good enough. Striving for everything to be done perfectly is unnecessary and potentially unhealthy. There may be greater benefit in simply getting something done as opposed to doing it to some perfect standard.A good example of this might be choosing to bring something ready made to a party rather than homemade and leaving yourself extra time to work out or go for a walk. Rely on your good judgment and ability to prioritize. Read more: How perfectionism is destroying your productivity

Productivity tips #4: Delegate more

Productive people are leaders at home and at work. YOU don’t have to do it all. In fact, sometimes someone else may do it better or enjoy doing it more than you do, why deprive them? Delegation is a way to teach others new skills or help them to improve through practice. You can delegate tasks to a coworker, friend, or family member.Identify something that you don’t need or want to do and something else that you would rather have time to do. Think of someone you can delegate the task to or hire to do it if possible and make time to do what you want and need to do. Remember, it may not be “perfect” but it will probably be better. Read more: Successful focus and productivity by delegating

Productivity tips #5: Shop less

Productive individuals don’t waste time. This may include shopping for things that you don’t need or already have. Even online shopping takes time. Make time for activities that you need to do and want to do. Write down 3-5 things that you can do instead of shopping and intentionally make time to begin doing those things. These can be personal and professional activities for growth and satisfaction

sleeping woman
Sleep regularly ( Frame Angel)

Productivity tips #6: Get enough sleep regularly

Self care is an essential for improving your productivity. Productive people are well rested and clear thinking. I’ve heard people brag that they only need 4 hours of sleep but I am highly skeptical. Begin a healthy sleep regimen and keep a sleep log for 6-8 weeks. Observe the changes over time and record what time you went to bed to go to sleep and what time you woke up. Note how your energy changes, your mood, your appetite, your ability to get things done, etc. What improved? Maintain a sleep schedule that aids your productivity.

Productivity tips #7: Stick to your plan

Productivity is dependent upon planning and accountability. Productive people have a plan before they start, follow through and finish what they start. They are accountable to themselves and others.

For more tips about productive enhancing habits: Why the most productive people do these 6 things every day.

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