Release…let go of clutter

Release what you don’t need, want, use. Those things are simply clutter. Keeping useless items that need to be released doesn’t enhance your life or help you live more fully. Release the stuff that collects dust, takes up space, and stresses you out! What type of clutter do you want to release? Common forms of clutter include paper, photos, and clothes that you don’t wear?

Ways to release clutter

Clutter can paralyze your attempts to get organized. Understand that less is more and cannot truly fill an emotional void. When you let go of things that no longer serve you, do so mindfully. You can…

  • Return items never opened, used, worn or expired.
  • Repurpose items for use in other ways.
  • Re-gift, donate, or consign items others may enjoy.
  • Recycle and dispose of items correctly. Be informed.