cluttered desk drawer

Spring Organizing

Spring organizing means clearing out the clutter. Let go of those things that no longer serve you. Spring is a great time to roll up your sleeves and create a plan to organize every space that’s been annoying you.

cluttered desk drawer
Spring -Organize this space (Outside In Organizer)

As your San Diego Professional Organizer I recommend that you make the easy decisions first:

  • Let go of items that are in disrepair, soiled, stained, cannot be repurposed.
  • Donate, consign, sell online, or re-gift.
  • Pack items that you “cannot” part with. Date the container 3 months from now. Haven’t used or missed it? Let it go!

Spring organizing | Tips

In my previous blog I mentioned 3 spring organizing tips:

  • Plan ahead
  • Pick 1 specific project
  • Schedule a specific date and block of time to organize

Spring organizing |Office

Include spring organizing that focuses on your office. Now that taxes are filed you can create a revised and improved system to organize records for this year. This will lessen stress and overwhelm when it’s time to prepare your taxes in the future. This requires a system (paper and/or electronic) for filing important records, a clear naming system, and filing items on at least a monthly basis.

pile of papers on desk
Spring organizing now (Outside In Organizer)

 If you share an office at home, create the system that works for both of you. If you work with others in an outside office, get others’ input to create buy-in so that all of you are using the system.

An organized office means that there is a place for everything and everything is returned to its place after it is used. Avoid piling papers or throwing them in a container to sort later.

As in any space, remove items that don’t need to “live” in the office. This includes memorabilia, recreational reading materials and clothing. The many benefits of organizing your office  include being able to maintain clear surfaces, easy retrieval of items, efficient use of time and increased productivity.

For more organizing tips, or to share your favorites, you can call or email me, sign up for the Outside In Organizer newsletter, or follow Outside In Organizer on Facebook. Enjoy organizing for spring!

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