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Women’s wardrobe tips
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Women’s wardrobe tips

Women’s wardrobe tips here are designed to help you do 2 things. First, to downsize the unworn clothing in your closet. Second, I am including wardrobe tips to expand your wardrobe and create new outfits. Hopefully you already love the clothing in your closet. My wardrobe tips can help you spruce up your outfits without breaking the bank and keep you from getting bored wearing the same things repeatedly.

By simply adding accessories I can help you create shape in a baggy outfit. Mixing prints and textures will immediately update your wardrobe without having to shop for new items. Read on for more wardrobe tips.

woman wearing outfit from closet
Women’s wardrobe tips
Image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers

Women’s wardrobe tips: 5 Ways to downsize unworn clothing

As your Personal Organizer I also offer image consulting services to help you to wear all of the clothes in your closet. Here are my 5 easy to implement women’s wardrobe tips:

  1. Let go of items that don’t fit. If you have clothing that is currently too big, too tight, too short, too low cut, binding in the waist or crotch, or that cuts into your arms it is time to let it go. Clothing that doesn’t fit is uncomfortable. Items that don’t fit detract from your appearance and don’t make you feel good about how you look.
  2. Let go of items that are worn, stained, in disrepair. When doing your wardrobe and closet makeover make sure that all of your clothing includes items that are in good condition. This is a time saver because you can be confident that you won’t put on something that is stained and then have to change your clothing at the last minute!
  3. Let go of items that don’t enhance your body type, image and/or lifestyle. Include the styles and colors that enhance your body type and play to your best features. Wear styles that draw the eye to your assets and downplay areas that you might feel self conscious about. If you have a business wardrobe that doesn’t mean that everything has to be dark, neutral or boring. You can still look professional using color and accessories. If your lifestyle is casual you can wear more than exercise wear and yoga pants.
  4. Stop saving and wear it. Avoid closet clutter. if you love the way it looks and fits keep it and wear it again. A closet makeover and organizing doesn’t mean getting rid of everything.
  5. Turn the hanger the other way. Here’s another way to wear it all… After you wear an item hang it up and turn the hanger backwards. Each time you select something to wear choose an item that hasn’t had the hanger turned.
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Wardrobe tip: accessorize
Image: Outside In Organizer and Makeovers

Women’s wardrobe tips: 5 Ways to expand wardrobe

Women’s wardrobe tips are designed to help you to “shop in your closet” and create new outfits from the items that you own. Here are my 5 easy ways to have you try to expand your wardrobe on your own:

  1. Mix it up. You don’t have to wear the same top with bottom each time. Try to find at least 3 different tops for the same bottom. Avoid matching tops and bottoms.
  2. Layer it up. Add a jacket or vest. Play with various lengths, for example, wear a shorter jacket over a long shirt or blouse; wear a shorter skirt with a longer sweater or tunic
  3. Accessorize it. Remember that less is more and don’t do all of these together. Add a belt over a wrap, sweater or untucked shirt. Wear a scarf or pashmina, add a brooch. Add a statement bag (big size, bold color or metallic) that makes an outfit pop.
  4. Dress it up. You can wear a dark wash, or trouser style jean with a heeled shoe, suit jacket and blouse, and then accessorize.
  5. “Casual-ize” it.  Wear a dressier skirt with a casual shirt or sweater then add tights and short boots.

Let me help you to create the image and look that you want and deserve today!

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